NBA2K x Everyone's On


Everyone’s on

Bron’s on.

AD’s on. Shaq is on. After physical therapy, Boogie’s on.

Ayton, Doncic, and Bagley III are no doubt on.

Migos are on.

Morning, noon and night, the world’s on.

From Hanoi to Ann Arbor, bucketeers are on. Greek Freak Freaks in Greece are on.

Canadians who cheer at Jurassic Park are on. Reliving their glory, the Dream Team is on.

Ronnie is always on.

The ankle-breaking roundhouse-dunking kids from Iowa are on.

Portland Maine is on. Portland Oregon is on. Portland Colorado is on.

LaVar Ball is not on but that’s okay cause Lonzo, LaMelo, and LiAngelo are on.

Those unafraid of Scary Terry are on.

The parents who named their newborn ‘LeBron’ on June 19, 2017 are on.

Someone’s high school Math teacher is on. Someone’s tax attorney is on.

The people whose names you will know are on.

The players who want to be seen are on.



This holiday season, we triggered the FOMO of those who aren’t on by launching an integrated campaign featuring the intriguing and incredibly exorbitant in-game stats generated by NBA 2K’s massive community. The campaign launched with high-impact OOH in key markets in LA, Chicago, SF and NYC as well as social, pre-roll and digital executions.


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