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Over the past 8 years, I have done quite a lot of work for MINI. Here are a few that I am especially proud of.

w/ Steve Mapp, Lyle Yetman, Luke Zehner, Michael Flannery, Bem Jimmerson


We created this 80s wrestling themed sales event for MINI. At the time, this sales event broke multiple sales event records.

Not Normal Global Print Campaign

We created series of print ads for the Not Normal campaign for MINI Global.

Photographer: Igor Panitz


Here's to the A-Cups

The little ones who did more with less. The perky ones who stood out in a sea of double-Ds. The petite ones who looked great not despite their size but, rather, because of it. Those who proved time and time again that bigger isn’t always better.   MINI salutes 60 years of A-cups in Playboy and welcomes our newest member to the A-list: The newly redesigned MINI Hardtop with a more powerful and more fuel-efficient twin-turbo engine, among many other attractive features. Not too small.

Not too big. Just right.


This ran in Playboy's 60th anniversary issue and won Ad Age's Grand Prize for best ad in the issue.


As part of the Grand Prize, Luke Zehner and Sinan won a trip to London Playboy Club. True story.


Compliments to the legendary Playboy cartoonist, Doug Sneyd.