Under the umbrella of Defy Labels, we launched #DefyHunger, a partnership with Feeding America, to raise awareness of the hunger epidemic and the issue of food waste across the U.S. 

Utilizing the MINI dealer network, MINI owner community and the power of social media, we created a grassroots and social campaign executed across multiple platforms. 


The partnership kicked off with a national TV buy that encouraged consumers to visit their local MINI dealerships.


 With #DefyHunger, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for 4,477 MINI owners became a 4,396-mile road trip with a bigger purpose. Owners took to their social channels to garner support and ultimately delivered 1,385,917+ meals to Feeding America and 2,631 pounds of local food bank donations along the way. 




 The collaboration concluded with WSJ’s Global Food Forum, an executive conference sponsored by MINI and attended by industry leaders in agribusiness, food production, consumer products and government with the goal of exploring challenges and opportunities in the business of food.